Debt & Equity Capital - the journey starts here

Burnden Square are an intermediary sitting between businesses seeking funding and organisations that provide both debt and equity funding.  Our experience is across a variety of business sectors where we have learned to understand the need for funding, positioned businesses for funding drawdown and arranged funding from our network of providers.



With many years experience in business growth and financial planning, we are perfectly placed to assist with your funding requirement.

Debt or Equity

Whether you are looking for debt or equity funding or a combination of both, we will can assist with your financial planning model to ensure a maximised fit with relevant funding providers.

Multiple Funders

A panel of multiple funding organisations including global banks, pension funds, family houses and high net worth individuals, with knowledge of what will be funded and direct contact to decision makers.

Business Sectors

Real Estate

Small Portfolios to Major Developments

Our funders will consider all financially viable real estate development requirements from small to large scale developments.


Supporting a Forever Changing Landscape

Supporting businesses that strive to meet the ever growing demands of a forever changing market.


Start Ups to Established Market Leading Organisations

From organisations with a simple idea through to market leaders looking to enhance their portfolio.   

Sport & Leisure

Community Critical Clubs to Global Brands

From sporting clubs at the heart of a local community through to global brands looking for investment. 


New innovation to Vintage Reproduction 

Supporting the automotive industry technological advances through to getting vintage vehicles back into production.


Local government to National Government

Working with both local and national government to maximise opportunities available to the people.

There are also many other business sectors where we have experience, so don't worry if your requirement doesn't fall into any of the categories listed above.